Ban Nike?

Jun 2012
There is no such thing as a preamble to the bill of rights. The phrase "bill of rights" is not in the preamble or the body of the joint resolution.
Dec 2016
I haven't paid attention to this thread before, but I want to say that as a long-suffering Buffalo Bills fan (is there any other kind?) I'm boycotting them and could care less about what Nike does or doesn't do, since the Bills and a hell of alot of other NFL clubs( if they weren't in collusion) could sign Kaepernick and stop screwing around with 2nd rate and 3rd rate quarterbacks right now! Nathan Peterman.....really?
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Nov 2005
Show us proof of the word Libertarian from 1789.
I wonder how many times John Locke used the term "Libertarian?"
If you're trying to imply a reply to Howey's post, John Locke died in 1704 in the UK.

And I would be fascinated to see you answer your own question. But I get why you're not doing that because the implication of an answer is completely different from an actual, factual answer...