Biden now leads Trump in the polls

Jul 2015

Before you go on and say he isn't tracking down crooks, here is a list of people he has indited in the Trump administration.

Roger Stone

Michael Cohen

Paul Manafort

George Papadapoulos (cant spell his weird name)

Michael Flynn
Not one of the indictments having anything to do with conspiring with the Russians to steal an election.

Marcus Livius

Former Staff
Sep 2017
I "threw away" my vote. In the voting booth, I made my decision for Stein.
So did I and yet I am regularly referred to to here at DTT as a Trumpanzee or a WR by those short on reading and memory and can only pursue a forum career of applying labels to others, all the while thinking it makes their opinions more acceptable or mainstream.
Aug 2018
been around
Trump made inappropriate comments to adults. Biden touched children and adults inappropriately. Let's demonize Trump and forgive Biden!