Blasphemy laws

Oct 2019
I'm aware that blasphemy laws exist in some European nations, such as the UK.

If the US states adopted blasphemy laws (e.x. ones which made it a crime to attack religion, such as Christianity), would you be fine with this - it being within the states' rights". Discuss.

I'd personally be fine with it - if an atheist, for example, wished to attack religion, he could be sent to jail - if he doesn't like it, he's free to keep his atheism or distain for religion out of the public, rather than trouble the rest of society with his ill will.

(This also means that states would potentially have the right to shut down atheistic websites which are hosted within their state; I wouldn't mind about this either if the states did it, though I wouldn't want to spend my time rigidly policing it).

Atheism ultimately has no place in civilized lands as far as I'm concerned, and even if the state didn't prohibit against it, it would be withering and dying from its own decadence and worthlessness anyway, as far as the long term goes. Animals are presumably atheist - man isn't, therefore atheism is clearly retrogression back to the way of the beasts, who fear no God, and have no sense of cosmic duty beyond the satiation of their own impulses.
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Mar 2013
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Luckily we have this thing called the FIRST AMENDMENT. If you don’t like it you are free to pack your shit and leave !!

You want to live in a country where speaking out against the abuses and evils perpetrated by religion ? I hear Saudi Arabia is perfectly willing to cut your moronic head off if you disparage Muhammad or Allah. I’m sure you’d feel right at home.
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Apr 2013
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Blasphemy laws were repealed in the UK in 2008 although they had not been used since 1921.