Bloomberg Moves Up

Dec 2015
Mike's Super Tuesday Strategy Might Be Working, according to FiveThirtyEight.
One candidate you likely won’t be hearing about next week, but who still has a chance to pick up some delegates in later contests? Michael Bloomberg.

The former New York City mayor entered the race late in November and has a bit of an unorthodox strategy: He is skipping the early-voting states (he won’t even be on the ballot for the New Hampshire primary) and is instead focusing on Super Tuesday and beyond. It’s unclear just how far his strategy will take him, but on Jan. 23, the billionaire jumped from fifth to fourth place in our national polling average. Bloomberg now sits at 8 percent, putting him one point above former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is now in fifth with 7 percent support.

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Nov 2012
Bloomberg is a conceited ass, even more so than the Donald, whom, by the way, I plan to vote for while wearing my MAGA hat.
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Jul 2019
he's moved to third on my list

he's basically buying the election, but he's the only one who has shown he's ready to go after trump............and hard

I like that about a candidate, ain't going to lie
Nov 2012
I’ve gone keto and never drink soda pop. And I would never vote for any nanny state nincompoop who thinks he has the right to tell me how much pop I can drink an when.
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