Boyscouts must be abandoned by any self respeting parents!


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Oct 2010
What kind of asshole deity would give us something that feels as good as sex. Not to mention it is actually good for you. Then command that you aren't allowed to have it !!!

Kinda like taking kids to Disney World but NOT letting them on the rides.
Yup, or like throwing you the keys to a 427 Cobra, and saying you can look at it but ya can't drive it.

Like, sure...... :lol:
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Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
That dude in blue Shelby cobra review
When I was a teenager there was a GT-500 Shelby which drove up and down the road from points unknown and it was painted blue with white racing stripes. The first McDonalds in Columbus was where I saw my first Yenko Chevy and painted yellow. My first Hot Rod was a 1964 Ragtop SS Impala and painted black with a red interior. The 2019 F-150 Raptor is a looker and on my dream list and not outside of my realm of possibility. The 64 Impala was balanced and blueprinted and blow the doors off a GTO. The GTX like the GTO was another Pontiac product but I never raced a GTX. What a man drives is an extension of his personality.

edit: My friend in California drove a Super Bird which was underpowered and painted red with white racing stripes when he was black. We were good friends and my underpowered 1973 SS Nova painted green with white racing stripes out raced him many times so we decided not to race, nevermore.
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Nov 2012
Has nothing to do with Trump, stick to the subject, I read the bible daily and challenge YOU to show me where I am wrong? I'll wait!
Do you love your neighbour? Do you sell all you have and give to the poor? Do you take no thought for the morrow? Why should I go on - your type read only Genesis, Revelations and lists of texts put about by your Masters?
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Mar 2013
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Yup, or like throwing you the keys to a 427 Cobra, and saying you can look at it but ya can't drive it.

Like, sure...... :lol:

I went to a vintage race a couple years ago down in Alabama. Barber Motorsports Park (one of THE best facilities in the nation). There was the usual assortment of Jags, Porsche, even a Daimler SP250 and a lone 427 Cobra.

During the initial practice and qualifying I noticed the guy in the cobra wasn't really pushing all that hard. He'd stretch it a bit on the straights, but would back off way early and just cruise through the corners. He wasn't even heel and toeing it for down shifts. He'd roll through the corner then down shift on the way out.

When they lined up for the race the Cobra was on pole !! Once the race started, he quickly pulled out about a 100 yard lead and proceeded to cruise. Driving in the same lackadaisical manner while the cars behind him were well driven and pushed hard, they just couldn't gain on the Cobra. Had it been driven anywhere near it's full potential, he could have easily lapped the entire field in the 30 minute race.

I can only imagine the impact those cars must have had on the competition when the the chicken farmer first showed up with them.

My favorites are the Daytona coupes.