Breaking: Three dead after shootings at Jewish community in KS


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Apr 2013
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BBC reports that this guy can't even achieve being a racist correctly. Two of his victims, a doctor and his grandson were christians.

... Two victims of the shooting in Overland Park, Kansas were named by relatives as Dr William Lewis Corporan and his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood.

They were killed in the car park of the Jewish Community Campus. They were both Christian. ...
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Jun 2013
I saw an interview with the shooter from a few years ago on the news. During the interview he talked about government tyranny and taking the country back. Sound familiar ? This kind of talk has consequences. We have a right to speak freely but an obligation to speak responsibly as well.

pensacola niceman

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Mar 2007
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The gov't needs to stop pissing off those militia's now... before they've got a civil war on their hand.

It'll start due to plenty of reasons.
High taxes,
Ripping off farmers,
Trying to get involved with Ukraine,
Not leaving the middle east,
Not trying to close borders, or at least make it easier to become a citizen,
All the illegal bullshit that the gov't has put into practice,
Minimum wage,
Gun laws,

All in all, The gov't is going to piss off the regular folk that hate the communism that has been steadily growing in the land of the 'free'.
Yeah, and all this justifies murdering innocent people.


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Jul 2007
This guy's favorite website was clearly far right wing anti communist as well as white supremacist in nature.