Brennan’s Battle Plan

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Had Nazi Germany taken place a hundred years ago I could excuse John Brenner’s obvious threat:

"So I’m really concerned that as he continues to play to his base, he’s further dividing us, and I’m really concerned about whether this could spill over into the streets,” he said.​

Brennan accuses Trump of dividing US: 'This could spill over into the streets'​
By Tal Axelrod - 08/24/18 11:29 PM EDT​
Communists turning to violence in this country today will trigger the same reaction from Americans in the same way Germans reacted in the 1930s.

I know all of the reasons given for Hitler’s rise to power; so before anyone cites the Treaty of Versailles, etc., let me point out that Communism, and German Communists, is deliberately ignored when it was the number one reason.

Assuming John Brennan is not as dumb as he appears he and his kind have a lot to fear. Americans have a lot more to defend against Communism than did Germans in the 1930s. Brennan either assumes Communists will defeat the American people in a violent confrontation, or he really is as dumb as a rock who cannot see that Americans defeating Communism once and for all will make Hitler’s Nazis look like Mother Teresa.

Take this one to the bank. American Communists are mistaken if they are counting on Americans allowing traitors to pull in their horns and regroup after their violent revolution goes belly up.

Parenthetically, American Communists made great advances during the Cold War because of the external threat the Soviet Union posed. The threat of an nuclear war got American Communists much more than they ever hoped to get in a real nuclear war the Soviet Union would have lost.

The Soviet Union losing was not considered throughout the Cold War. American Communists wanted the threat not the war. Their strategy was to use the Soviet Union as a bodyguard. In short: Standup to us and we will revolt so Soviet Communists can invade a U.S. weakened by revolution. That is how American Communists/Socialists got the most out of the external threat of nuclear war coming from the Soviet Union.

The same Cold War scare tactic is being used with China and North Korea —— in addition to handing Iran membership in the Nuclear Club.

On the plus side, the Soviet Union being replaced by the China-North Korea Axis works against American Communists because they truly believe China’s Communists will embrace them with loving arms in the same manner Soviet Communists would have done. More than likely a victorious China-North Korea will slaughter them rather than welcome a few million hardcore American Communists who betrayed their own country.

Finally, American Communists got away with a lot in the Cold War because they played upon a realistic fear sensible Americans understood. Young Americans turning to Socialism would do well to remember that defeat in Vietnam was Communism’s greatest victory in this country.