But now Kavanaugh is caught in those lies.

Dec 2018
Mr. Kavanaugh. A high school Senior being called to the stand decades later for a party he attended where other highschool freshmens and sophomores were and where the alcohol and supposedly 'pills' were as 'party enhancers'.

Mind you the highschool he attended was the only Jesuit all male boarding school of its kind in all of the U.S. And the neighborhood must not be all that shabby. And for the 2 highschool girls which came forth to testify and who attended a 'house party' in that neighborhood to be in a 'home' where 'alcohol and 'pills'' were available should raise concerns as to exactly 'WHO' owned that home and 'HOW' that alcohol and 'pills' were purchased and left alone with a bunch of 'highschoolers' who were 'throwing a party'.

An even 'odder' thing. That only after the request and urging of Ms. Pelosi (?) did the ladies get fair representation from 'pro bono' lawyers.
Ms. Feinstein (?)

Both California?

  • 35.11 million
  • California
  • ·Population

Texas: 28,701,845
Florida: 21,299,325
New York: 19,542,209


Population density:
1. 246.1
2. 101.2
3. 364.6
4. 417.0
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