Cake Shop Faces Legal Action For Refusing to Make Anti LGBT Cake

May 2013
Although I certainly agree, I still want to know if my memory is accurate on this...maybe I'm wrong...but didn't the customers say "If you don't mind"???????? If this was is there any cause for litigation? :huh:
Because the phrase 'if you don't mind' is out of politeness, not a legal statement.
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As a gay man may I say?

I worked for an organization that helped write the American Disabilities Act. I also lived through the race riots of the 60's. And yes I am also gay and yes I am also white and also a Christian.
That being said I want to say that IMHO the bakery tired their best to accommodate this man. Yet under the ADA and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. NONE are here in this case.
A business can't refuse service EXCEPT for very specific reasons.NONE are here in this case nor are they valid in the anti-gay bakery/flower seller cases. This bakery is guilty of discrimination based on religious beliefs AND political views. Just like the anti gay ones.

I first saw this on the Denver paper site and want to add the following:
[brenda lee wrote] "well, the gaunlet was cast by the lgbt couples suing B & B s, bakerys, wedding chapels, churches , pastors, etc. that refused to provide services to gay couples….. this is just the other side of the cookie….. the baker is required by LAW to make a cake with anti-gay script on it…..DISTURBING, HUH?
(My comment to Brenda) "Actually Brenda the gauntlet was thrown down in the early 20's in South Africa by a guy named Gandhi. So I guess you figure serving blacks or Jews or Catholics or the Irish or Chinese or German, or Italian at the local diner should have never been allowed? BTW I was alive during the race riots of the 60's and it amazes me that our nation still produces people like you today. I'm so glad they are making so many advances in genetics.

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Being in business and NOT wanting to make money is the stupid thing to do. Don't want a profit, get out of the business world.
This is an owner refusing to make an ANTI-LGBT cake. Don't you view this as the same thing as refusing to make an ANTI-black cake?
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