Cali Supreme Court: Screw Democracy

Aug 2014
Too bad because I am a proponent of breaking up and merging states into more cohesive governmental entities. I have mentioned this before. Basically....

Make some of the largest cities in the USA, States themselves. New York City and Long Island whould be their own state seperate from rural New York State. Same with big city Chicagoland from rural Illinois. And yes, California should be broken up into coastal southern and northern California and the interior of the state.

Merge states together. The five New England states should be either one state, or two states with Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire as one state and Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachuttes another state. Out west, merge the Dakotas and merge the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming (Wyoming has less people than Memphis, Tennnessee, or the state of Mississippi has about five times as many people).

Problem is that we humans for some reason are "proud" of the geographic area we come from, including the states we live in (for some reason). Dunderheads in Idaho would whine "we dont want to be a part of Wyoming, those people screw sheep and eat dog shit!". The problem with a Constitutional Republic is a love of regionalism. The Electoral College shows this.
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Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
I wonder who is making this call?

California judges may be removed in one of three ways:
Judges may be impeached by the assembly and convicted by two thirds of the senate.

Judges are subject to recall election.

The commission on judicial performance investigates complaints of judicial misconduct and incapacity and may privately admonish, suspend, censure, retire, or remove a judge. The commission's decisions are subject to review by the supreme court.

Judicial Selection in the States - Methods of Judicial Selection
May 2018
Aw, the poor widdle GOP's plan to cadge onto some more Senate seats failed. Boo Hoo.

Fuck the GOP and their stupid plan to split California into 2 dumbass Red States and 1 blue.