Calif. GOP lawmaker caught bragging about affairs

Feb 2006
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Republican state lawmaker from Southern California has lost his position on two committees after he was caught on tape bragging about having sex with female lobbyists.

Assemblyman Mike Duvall of Yorba Linda apologized for the comments on his campaign Web site Wednesday. He said he thought he was having a private conversation.

The 54-year-old lawmaker, whose is married with two adult children, made the comments to another lawmaker during a break in a committee hearing at the Capitol over the summer.

KCAL-TV in Los Angeles obtained a copy of the hearing's videotape and aired a report Tuesday night.

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, a Democrat, removed Duvall from two committees, and the Assembly Ethics Committee is investigating.

Duvall received a 100 percent rating from a conservative advocacy group for his votes on legislation considered pro-family.

The Associated Press: Calif. GOP lawmaker caught bragging about affairs
May 2008
We can elect people with no values, then we'd never have to worry about hypocrisy.

The real issue here (besides that the man is a pig and a loudmouth) is that he is boffing two lobbyists. TWO. I'd confidently bet that there are other reps, both Dem and Rep, who are doing the same. This has little if anything to do with gay marriage and a lot to do with the corruption of lobbying.

A lot of male reps are strangely silent on this guy. I suspect we all know why.