Can Someone Muzzle This Delusional and Crazed Mofo - PLEASE?!


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Apr 2013
La La Land North
My favorite toaster and I wish he would just go away.
Jul 2014
Good ol Pat Robinson, in his campaign material for his Presidential run he called himself a "combat marine".
And his unit was headed to Korea, when he called his daddy from Japan in tears, and got transferred from his unit to be "Liquor Officer" of the Tokyo Officers Club.
The closest he got to real action, was getting the clap from Japanese prostitute.

Yeah, If I was God, I'd put that guy on the payroll....
Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
Dec 2015
Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality | Huffington Post

Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality

Video and article at link.


Although I have NO evidence, I'm certain Robertson has dementia. His comments are stunning. Pat Robertson told 700 Club viewers that it wasn’t a bad idea to pray over clothes, and even rings, just in case they have a demon attached to them. When a viewer asked him today how she could manage to pray over everything in her house every day, Robertson said not to worry too much… unless God is telling you that there are in fact demons in your house.
He admits he doesn't know what transgender means and compares transgender people to his castrated horse. Oh and.....Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.
God speaks to Pat. YEP. And God has made predictions. Unfortunately NONE of them has panned out.
End of the world Nov. 1982??? In 2006 horrific killer storms in the Pacific NW....nope.
Sometime in 2007 terrorist attacks/mass killings would begin. UhUh
And of course Obama (the devil's playmate) would NOT be reelected in 2012.
Most of us think Pat should be locked up in a padded cell, but there are MANY MANY RWingers who still believe this guy is a 'man of God'. Now that's frightening.
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