can you explain this?

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Ummm...Trump's disapprovals, from 538, are an average of five polls including Rasmussen. Like many Trumpistas, you don't read, you just react ... emotionally.
re-read post 26

What that means is Trump is polarizing and trending positive.

The average if the last 9 polls is 45-52

this us up from 35-37% approval according to some individual polls.

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538 they said Trump had a 2% Chance of winning in 2016... I think that is a 95%+ Bias in the wrong direction

Who will win the presidency?
Chance of winning

(Based on the polls only forecast)

Hillary Clinton - 71.4%
Donald Trump - 28.6%

(Based on the polls plus forecast)

Hillary Clinton - 71.8%
Donald Trump - 28.2%

(And actually, the 538 site was far more accurate when compared with numerous other projections.)

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