CBD Cannabis Oil

Oct 2010
I'm not sure I agree. I have never eaten more than a tiny bit of medical marijuana to get relief from the after effects of pain from surgery. And when I say tiny, I mean less than a pinky fingernail- really small. I experienced no "crash" at all. I'm not sure what you mean. It enabled me to sleep and wake up the next day feeling completely fine. I did the same amount for three surgeries, and it was the same experience each time. Trust me, I was very careful with it. It was so much better than crap like vicodin, which would make me feel like crap the next day.
Oh, it's much better than opioids no doubt. And yep, it's good for sleep, especially the indica strains.

The method I described is using an amount about half the size of a garden pea, or less. I'm not using is for pain relief.

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