Charge reduced in open carry incident in Mo. Walmart

Jul 2018
I'm thinking that the charge may even get lower. The prosecutor may not be able to find a jury that'll convict on any charge.
Terrorist Threat for MO Walmart Open Carry Rejected by Prosecutor
The guy did not break a single Missouri law. The ones who did break the law were the gunslinger fireman, who committed third-degree assault by threatening the guy with a loaded gun and the thug cops who did a false arrest because they are ignorant of Missouri law. It seems as if they are still trying to frame an innocent person in order to cover their previous stupidity.

The guy was really lucky he didn't get shot for exercising his rights under the Missouri State Constitution. If a black or foreign-looking guy had done that he would have been riddled with bullets, especially in Missouri. Some things may be legal but not wise to do.
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