China Reiterates That US Must Lift All Tariffs

Jun 2013
1. At the meeting, China is expected to keep its bottom lines before trade talks could resume: all US tariffs must be removed; US’ request for Chinese purchases must be reasonable; the potential agreement must respect China’s dignity and sovereignty and be a balanced one. China will also likely demand the US to stop targeting Chinese tech firms such as Huawei and those involved in supercomputer, according to Chinese experts close to the government....

“The fox may turn gray, but never kind,” said Mei Xinyu, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation. “Wielding the stick before negotiations is a typical trick of Trump. The regrettable thing is that after back-and-forth all these while, they still haven’t realized that it will not work with China.”

China will not bow down to pressure and if the US went ahead with the additional tariffs, China may immediately retaliate by deploying tools such as further raising tariffs on US goods and restricting rare earths exports to the US, according to experts. China could also target specific US companies that hurt Chinese interest by putting them on the unreliable entity list.....

2. (Bloomberg) -- China continues to stress that the U.S. must remove all the tariffs placed on Chinese goods as a condition for reaching a trade deal.

On Friday, an influential blog connected to state media said the talks will “go backward again” without that step, echoing the line from Ministry of Commerce’s weekly briefing on Thursday....

3. After a year of trade talks, China is more confident and experienced in dealing with Donald Trump, the king of flip-flops.

...PolitiFact, a fact-checking website, has tracked Trump’s promises since his campaign began. Out of 102 promises on its Trump-o-Meter scorecard, 33 are currently stalled and seven broken, while only nine have been kept and seven ended with a compromise.

...Trump has trouble keeping some of his promises for the same reason as his predecessors: He’s only the president.

Though candidates — and voters — sometimes forget it, the president has no real authority to force Congress to take action on a specific issue, other than to issue broad veto threats and barnstorm for his proposals.

4. Many people in the US intelligence, military, political parties, mass media, academic circles, etc are extremely hostile to China. For instance, Marco Rubio has been actively using legislative power with bipartisan consensus to thwart any effort by Trump to fulfill his promise to China. Bipartisan lawmakers seem to have found out that it is not a bad idea to keep a scandal-hit president in power because they can rein and whip him like a horse once he gets out of control. :)
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