Christine Blasey Ford still can't live at home because of 'unending' death threats

Dec 2016
Now there's a cat who's had enough bullshit and is ready to attack! But that's not the kind of opposition the Trumppublicans currently face in America. Is it time yet for Americans who realize what they're facing, to demand old corporate-funded Democrats get out of the way and either allow non-corporate funded candidates to assume leadership and become a real party of the people OR be abandoned so sane, rational people can build something new to face this organized fascist threat?
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Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Just an FYI for all our ignored members. You are not on ignore for your views. You're ignored because you can't see other points of view and mostly have no compassion. You're also on ignore because you will not acknowledge facts.

If you would like to continue conversing, then quite kindly start acknowledging reality.

"I am a leftist who does not like to hear views that oppose those expressed inside of my echo chamber. I only come here to reinforce my pov w/ other leftists. I wish the government would make expressing views i don't like against it law"
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