Closed Child Detention Center sucking taxpayer money

Jul 2019
33 million so far, since the facility's closing

In an exchange with U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, a Democrat from Wisconsin, Hayes clarified that Homestead — which officially closed down Aug. 3 — is costing taxpayers $720,000 a day. That’s $600 a day for each of 1,200 empty beds. When kids are present at the facility, the cost is $750 a day per child.
it's a private company we're giving our tax dollars to, to run a closed center. the center has been closed since August 3rd, and we're paying them daily.
Sep 2019
LOL- the fed reserve is a Private company too- and it uses the force of the US gov't to collect it's user fees- ALL gov't programs "suck" tax payer money- ALL- not just some-