Coal Industry Continues To Die

Feb 2007
It's inevitable that the coal industry will be reduced to a shadow of it's original self. Trying to accelerate the process for political purpose only serves to show the petty nature of the attacks on the coal industry. They will, as they should, become far less than the major provider of electric power in the country as the alternative providers become economically viable. Efforts to disrupt the process only serve to draw it out due to the uncertain nature of the economics of the process.
"...become economically viable?"

"...uncertain nature of the economics of the process?"

Indeed, in some regions of the US, alternative renewable sources for electric power are already economically viable with certainly known economics concerning those sources of power. (In fact, it really is no mystery why utility companies in those regions in the US are currently giving up on other traditional electrical power sources, with the exception-at least for the now-of the natural gas-based sources.)
Aug 2019
Albuquerque, NM
Not giving the source of major air pollution a government bailout is a petty attack? Economics, not politics killed the plant. It should have been killed much sooner on health grounds.
I'm surprised Trump hasn't just started giving the coal miners money like he has for the farmers to try and buy their vote.

Anyway, the person you are responding to is projecting, as the entire save teh coal industry was political BS to buy those gullible people's votes while he does nothing to actually help what is inevitably a dying industry. As usual, liberals were spot on again, but the idiot right keeps buying the lies