college loans are 7%, that's almost free money

May 2018
college loans r 7% annual interest rate, = free $

(almost) when you consider that inflation averages 5% per year. Get those loans while you can. That 12k per year, for 4 years, can retire you, if you know what to do with it. Once you have a Bachelor's degree, no more pell grants, so you have to spend half of your loan on the tuition and fees.

You can get 6k per year, for 8 years, half time, if you want to string it out. They will accept 1% per month as a payment. If you owe them 6k, $50 a month is acceptable to them. The interest is killing you if you do it that way,, but if you can't pay more, or have a better use for the money, what do you care? The pell grant will cover your tuition and fees. If it doesn't, then move where it will. Google for some cheap colleges and go there. Online classes are cheap from Cameron University, in Lawton OK.
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