Colleges Rethink Athletic Special Admissions

Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
The largest college-admissions fraud ever prosecuted by federal authorities was engineered by a college-admissions consultant and a sprawling web of wealthy parents and allegedly corrupt coaches. But it was made easier by a system that is largely unpoliced and ripe for exploitation: the conferring of special admissions status to nonscholarship athletes.

A couple thoughts, one is that nonscholarship athletes still need to be approved, admitted, to the school. It is not like the coach can just take anyone as it's made to sound.
Second, student athletes, on average, do better in school than do none student athletes. So taking a student athlete over a similarly qualified non student athlete makes sense.

Your thoughts?
Dec 2018
I've never quite bought into the whole "pay the athletes" argument because the tuition is a bit of compensation, but I can be swayed either way. But here's a proposal I've thought about recently. Let's say a D1 school has cost and living expenses of $20K per semester. Student athletes come into school and have two choices. If they want to get paid, they can be paid $20K per semester, but they cannot attend classes. They are an athletic employee of the school. But if they want to attend classes and pursue their degree, they will have their education paid for and will not get paid.

Am I nuts?

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