Commencement Address by Secretary Mattis at U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
Straw man which has nothing to to with subject. You have failed.

He is no different in regards to he never served in the Military and neither did Barack Obama. Wait, well, actually, Trump did attend a military academy. Never mind, he does have more military experience than Obama. Well, damn you got me
:lol: Not even a good try.:lol:
Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
I want to know when the Merchant Marines are going to be given full recognition and eligibility for VA benefits.
Mad Dog says that the Mariners are in every war plan he reviews.
If they serve in a war theater, ANY war theater, they deserve to be taken care of when they are injured.
What were Merchant Marines paid in 1968 compared to a Marine rifleman?
Jun 2018
Whittier, CA
Dodging STDs in New York despite the fact he pronged everything with a hole in it during the Vietnam was was his big war effort.

But for some reason he didn't get the medal of honor.
I guess I should get both the Purple Heart AND the Medal of Honor because I probably left a gallon of my DNA in fair and tender ladies in and around New York, never caught an STD and I didn't even have to be a millionaire to pull it off.

Just mumbling "Come here doll, sit on my wallet." ("Oh my God, it's the biggest wallet I've ever seen!!")
isn't a skill or "combat duty"...managing to score just using your charm and wits, now THAT'S a skill.
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