Communes inside the context of the American System

Dec 2017
Communes inside the context of the American System

There is nothing stopping people from starting their own communes inside the context of the current American system, if so desired. One can find a group of a dozen, several dozen, or even a couple hundred tightly knit, trusted people that are on the same page, collectively buy a lot of land, necessary tools & resources to encourage sustainability such as seeds, acquire construction, farming & survival skills in order to achieve the project, and then 'live the dream'. It would not even cost much, at all--particularly considering the money could be pulled together. Go for it--it could be great. Best of luck.

The entire conversation about gaining full state power, or even global power, in order to bring about Socialism and/or Communism, is founded on complete, 100% lies--dangerous lies. If it is the life you want to live, than go live it--nobody & nothing is stopping you. In fact, our current system is extremely accommodating to it. That is the point, after all--of the American experiment (in principle, at least); have control of your own life that is within your own reach, and leave it there.
Dec 2018
There are probably places in Central and/or South America that still lives this way and they seem fine with the way they are living.