Company Towns & Money Laws

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Company Towns: 1880s to 1935​
Some very old-timers may have lived in one of the worst of the company towns. If so, they will remember that everybody in those towns worked for the company. Employees were paid wages which were then confiscated by the company in various ways; workers shopped at the company store, lived in company housing, went to company doctors when they were sick or injured. Saving enough to get out from under the company was impossible if you wanted to keep your job. Freedom of choice was not available in any area. Every employee kept his mouth shut and his head down if he wanted his family to eat.

Communists/Socialists are trying to turn the United States into a company town with the government being the company. Those amongst us who think that the government creating jobs is a good thing had better take a good look at where they are heading. The similarities between an old-fashioned company town and the one that Socialists are establishing is a vicious return to the past.

The government controls everyone, pays wages directly or indirectly, and then confiscates a large portion of those wages in the form of taxes; particularly property takes on a private residence. Workers are required to shop at the company store through money laws which is a vicious form of taxation. Money law requires individuals to spend money at the company store without calling those expenditures a tax. Two thousand dollar air bags in autos is an example of money law at the manufacturing level. Mandatory auto insurance in some states is an example at the state level.

Money law is the most corrosive method used to neuter the Right to be let alone. When the Socialists pass a law or enforce a regulation or do anything that requires Americans to spend money without calling it a tax that is money law. The government should stick to prohibiting and stop trying to legislate love with money laws.

Higher gasoline prices nationally because of environmental money laws is an example. Unleaded gas remains one of the most successful environmental scams to date. Unleaded gas is environmental money law at its most corrosive.

Parenthetically, unleaded gas was never about clean air. It was always about platinum. The government prohibited foul air so as to entitle platinum suppliers and the auto industry. It is probably a little far-fetched, but the Clean Air Act always makes me think of God prohibiting the breaking of wind in church in order to entitle the preacher.

The hustlers invented air pollution then told the public that the problem could be brought under control with unleaded gas. Has anyone asked if unleaded gas gave us clean air? Has anyone even talked about unleaded gas in decades? Of course not.

Unleaded gas did teach Communists who flocked to the Environmental Movement an important lesson: Never create a problem that can be solved; hence, global warming.

The monolith, or ceramic, inside a catalytic converter’s metal cover contains platinum. That platinum is put there when the converter is manufactured. The exhaust passing through a catalytic converter leaves traces of platinum which is then reclaimed after the converter has been replaced. Catalytic converters are accumulated in much the same way that used tires are accumulated before a truck picks them up for delivery to a reclamation point. Used tires are recycled, but only the platinum and metal cover used in converters is reclaimed.

Do not run out and pull the converter off your car and rush to the nearest jeweler demanding that he make you a platinum ring. The amount of platinum in each converter is minute, and it requires a complicated chemical process to reclaim it. However, if you add up the number of catalytic converters that are changed each year, the whole process is very profitable to platinum suppliers and the auto industry; auto dealerships in particular.

Unleaded gas is money law legislation in partnership with discarding common sense. It is those coal burning power plants that refuse to install efficient scrubbers that are primarily responsible for whatever levels of foul air some sections of the country experience. Instead of giving hundreds of billions of tax dollars to sharpshooters to develop pie-in-the-sky new energy sources a tiny fraction of that money spent installing effective scrubbers in coal burning power plants will clean more air than catalytic converters ever will.

NOTE: The Los Angeles area had smog before the auto was invented.

Whenever a state governor makes noises about raising auto emission standards, look into the campaign contributions the governor got from auto dealerships. Being required to replace a converter after approximately fifty thousand miles of use, instead of seventy-five thousand miles, amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars a year that automobile owners have to shell out in that state. That is big-time money law in anybody’s ballpark.

If the American people say they accept gasoline taxes for the purpose of building and maintaining highways that is fine. The problem is that gasoline taxes are mixed in with general tax revenues. Our streets and highways would truly be paved with gold if gasoline taxes were only used to build and maintain roads, bridges, and tunnels.

Taxes levied for a specific purpose like highway construction benefitting everyone, not just the few, have nothing in common with money law.

NOTE: When the New Jersey Turnpike was first proposed the story was that collecting tolls would pay for it in a few years —— then it would be free. It has been 67 years since the N.J. Turnpike opened for business and it is still a toll road. Paying parasites to maintain the turnpike costs a helluva more than it cost to build it.

Then there is the matter of reincarnation to consider. I am not joking about this. The doctrine of the Separation of Church and State is being overturned by environmental screwballs. The EPA has done more for those Eastern religions whose devotees believe in reincarnation than all of the priests have done for their Western religions in centuries.

Nowadays, you cannot kill a dung-dwelling maggot because the EPA tells us that would upset nature’s balance. This is what environmentalists are really driving: That maggot might be one of their ancestors on a return visit. If that is not the state promoting a religion, I would like to hear a better example.

And let us not forget the “They create jobs” crowd. The joke there is that they create parasite jobs not productive work.
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Nineteenth and early twentieth century European immigrants saw American as the promised land because they knew they could work for themselves and their loved ones, own their own homes, and so on. How did they come to know that? Obviously, worldwide respect for the from of government our Founders created. That same word of mouth grapevine tells contemporary immigrants to get to America any way they can get there and the government will take care of them. Many come for the sole purpose of landing a parasite government job. Just imagine the attraction a government job in America must have for people living in Third World sewers.

The only jobs that are ultimately created by Socialists are government jobs and money law jobs. The number of hours that moderate and low-income private sector workers must put in to make ends meet is inching up, while the hours of tax dollar labor has been going up since the LBJ years. The number of hours per year that a parasite “working” for the government actually works is going down as more parasites are put on government payrolls to share the burden of doing nothing useful.

Mandatory health insurance dwarfs all of the other money laws combined. There is no limit to how high healthcare can go. No matter how high the per-day charge for a hospital room goes, insurance premiums will go up accordingly. The same is true of medical tests and everything else connected to healthcare. Mandatory health insurance is money law gone wild.

After Socialists/Communists solidify their police powers, everyone —— except conforming absentee owners and their political bosses —— will have no Rights, and no complaints tolerated.

Private sector workers, blue and white collar, will be under the thumb of the government’s version of a company town. If kill-joys dare utter the phrase “Freedom of choice” they will immediately be arrested “1984 ” style; followed by a trial in a Kafkaesque court.

NOTE: It was technology (creature comforts if you prefer) throughout private sector industry that improved life materially for Americans. Even there, Socialism/Communism cannot be credited with the gains. To be fair Socialists did not try. Probably because it is easier to take credit by advancing economic absurdities than it is for Socialists to lay claim to an innovation or an invention.

The government may prohibit, but it should never entitle under the guise of prohibition. Socialists mastered the technique of entitling the few in a collectivist society at the same time they prohibited individual liberties. When FDR said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” he meant that lost liberty is nothing to fear. FDR Socialists have been eradicating the American Right to be let alone from the day they first began entitling the few.

Had FDR installed some controls on greed the nation’s wealth would not be absorbed by greedy Democrats in government. They are the ones who are broke when they enter government and exit multimillionaires when leave. In addition, the massive transfer of wealth going from private sector taxpayers to government employees at every level dwarfs whatever the supposed robber barons took. Incidentally, the robber barons in the 19th and 20th centuries helped build a nation. What did Socialists ever build except a welfare state populated by “victims”? Public trough Socialists still harp on the evils of corporate America’s greed at the same time they benefit from it more than anyone else.

The worst year of the depression was 1938 —— after six years of FDR. It was American industry gearing up to supply European combatants who began fighting in 1936, and then Pearl Harbor in 1941, that brought this country out of the Great Depression. As usual, Socialists rewrite history by taking credit for the wealth others created —— this time rewriting economic history.