Consolidation and World Governments

Do you support international governments?

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Aug 2019
United States of America
Russia's recent attempts to regain hegemony over Ukraine may be a sign that the Russian government wants to unite the Slavic people. The response from the Eastern Bloc may, surprisingly, be the next major consolidation of national militaries. None of the eastern European countries can withstand the Russian military, weakened as it may be. However, a military coalition could prevent Russia from expanding its borders.

Could this be a new Warsaw Pact, only without Russia riding herd? Could another international government be on the rise? If so, it would be the third of its kind. The European Union is already drifting towards a true government and the British Commonwealth is on the edge. Throughout history, empire have risen and fallen, uniting cultures and governments. The Roman Empire. Alexander's realm. Napoleon's bid for European dominance. Hitler. But nations have yet to willing join an international government.

So why are they doing it now? Europe has long been in decline, its countries losing the influence they once wielded on the world. The only way they can avoid being crushed beneath the juggernaut political forces that are the United States and China is to join forces. To pool their clout, so their voice can be heard. Luxembourg can have a say in world politics. Even Andorra cannot be ignored. But first, the European Union has to make the difficult transition between an economic coalition to a true, complete union of governments.

Is this good though? Shouldn't Poland and Spain and all the other nations remain independent, not bound by their neighbors? And they can. The European Union would not interfere with the laws of individual countries. The Union would exist solely to grant the under-trodden nations a say. The militaries would be pooled so that if any member is attacked, they can be sure of aid. This would also be the case with any coalition between the Eastern bloc.

This may not be a worldwide government, but countries are uniting for their common goals. Do you support their decisions?
Apr 2013
La La Land North
Russia's recent actions are a direct result of Putin's Napoleon complex and his desire to rule the world.
Aug 2019
United States of America
That's where you blew it; the individual nation's courts are superceded by the EU courts in several areas of policy.
True, but I'm meaning the nations will retain pretty much the same autonomy as they do now. I'm saying things won't change much. Sorry about being unclear there. My bad.
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Aug 2019
United States of America
How did I forget about what's happening with the Islamic nations. You can be sure that they are thinking of uniting in their stand against their enemies.
Jul 2014
Nation states are a transition phase, from relatively small city states, to nations, to one world.
It's the only thing we can afford, in the long run.
Dec 2018
This sets up the narrative we're flipping a coin. It's either an international government or local government. That's a false dichotomy. There's benefit to having local governments looking out for the best interest of the citizens. There's benefit to larger governments establishing basic standards of living all cultures should abide by.

The question is where is the happy medium?

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