Conspiracy theories which turned out to be true (e.x. Watergate)

Jul 2019
I don't have a list

but first thing that comes to mind is MK Ultra.

I wasn't around back then, I'm guessing it was discussed before the files were released in 1975. I sure as hell would've talked about the government giving me acid and doing weird mind experiments on me if I were a participant

on the other end, If someone told me the CIA was secretly testing LSD on people and doing wild-shit experiments with it back then I might'a thought they were a loon and told them to tighten their tinfoil hat

interestingly enough, apparently, the CIA destroyed a lot of MK Ultra files as a result of a panic caused by watergate
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May 2019
Does anyone have a list of conspiracy theories, like Watergate, which turned out to be true?
No list of theories, just business as usual of the national religion where seems being a Washington, D.C. born American believing in one nation under God with equal justice under law where thieving old glory presented by Eisenhower to Holocaust survivors for business excellence arsonists condescending arrogance certainly leaves little doubt now......that for a Christian Nation of those way too dang lily brilliant Evangelical white crusade where the cross is higher than the US flag, the US Constitution & whatever else their suicidal Islamophobia Christiananality pedophilia super egos sociopsychopathilogical homicidal human farming dhimmitude servitude believes in prayer.