Coronavirus Florida

Feb 2020
30 students in Palm Beach County have been exposed to coronavirus

Coronavirus Florida 30 Students Exposed Possible Coronavirus

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thousands of students had attended a Model United Nations event at Yale University in Connecticut that was cut short when the university notified participants that a student from China with a cough and fever had been taken to hospital for coronavirus infection treatment.

universities across Florida are bringing students back who had been studying in China.

FIU’s seven students in China are in the process of returning home and will continue their semester in South Florida.

“An FIU team worked overnight to help students secure flights out of China,” said Maydel Santana, assistant vice president of communication for FIU.

Returning to the United States from China has become difficult for students abroad, particularly those in Wuhan.

Sandra Bell of Boynton Beach said her 21-year-old nephew, Nicolas Schneider, originally from Coral Springs, had been living in Germany and studying abroad at Wuhan University. “

The U.S. Embassy told him he can get on a flight out of Wuhan with other Americans, but did not provide transportation to the airport located 30 miles away,” Bell said. “He tried for 10 hours to find a way to get there in a city that is on lock-down. He will most likely miss this chance to get out of the country.”

Coronavirus Florida 30 Students Exposed Possible Coronavirus