Coronavirus Issues for Libertarians, Captialists, Conservatives the Brave and the Winners

Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
The fake Coronavirus has made life a little bit inconvenient for me but overall it has made life 10x Better. There is less traffic and many great restaurants are presenting valued customers with complimentary hors d'oeuvres, specialty bites, and champagne.

Today I went to sign the ownership papers and receive the keys to one of my investments. The guy at the lobby entrance took my temperature and because I was .2 degrees too high he wouldn't let me into my own house. It was a hot day.

I was politely invited to take a rest and cool down in a makeshift air-conditioned lounge that is actually built more like an outhouse if viewed from the outside. Ten minutes later when my temperature was taken again, it was fine and I was cleared to proceed.

Look at that long, spacious and luxurious lobby! All genuine leather and none of the PU leather imitation crap.

One of the girls presented me with flowers to commemorate my investment as if it were my first!

The thing I hate most about this Coronavirus is that the gals cover their beautiful faces, But then again, there is only so much you can do to enhance your nose and lips but women who know how to use make-up can do miracles with their eyes and brows, forcing us men to use our imaginations. Maybe that is why Muslim men are so eager?

Now is this a classy way to handover the keys or what? Feels like I am buying a Mercedes Benz!

The flat is so high tech with smart-house technology that it needs and instruction manual. Your home, the elevator and the whole building can talk to you and you can control everything from the lighting and the kitchen and have correspondence with the front desk from your smartphone.

And of course, how would it be Asia without a complimentary Karaoke lounge! I will never use it though since I can't even stand watching American Idol.

I was not allowed to enter the flat since it will take a few more days before it is done being "fumigated" for the Corona Death Sniffles but a guy wearing a spacesuit happily took a picture of the view from one of the bedrooms for me. I didn't know that viruses can grow from marble flooring.

This is the building's gorgeous, community pool area. There is also, of course, a gym, tennis and basketball courts and a 1/8 miles running track. Now if there was such an ideology named Privatised Socialization, count me in!

I feel a pang of sadness because I won't be living here but will sell it as soon as I can (or when the time is right.)

Friends, I honor you for teaching and encouraging me to be my best and go as for as I can in life. For teaching me the value of pursuing happiness my way. I am grateful and thank you so much, I am forever in your debt and will always be there for you too.
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Jul 2019
so glad I live out in the country, on my own land, so I don't have to deal with the man just to go to my own house.

that sounds awful, feeling truly sorry for you, OP
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New Haven, CT
so glad I live out in the country, on my own land, so I don't have to deal with the man just to go to my own house.

that sounds awful, feeling truly sorry for you, OP
Well, I live right in the middle of a thriving mid-size American city - and I don't have to deal with the man either. Unless you count my husband. He can be a pain in the ass at times.