Coronavirus Issues for Libertarians, Captialists, Conservatives the Brave and the Winners

Feb 2020
We're really taking advantage of the corona virus scare.

Last night we went to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary - we always go to the same restaurant (it was the place where I proposed). It's a popular upscale restaurant in the L.A. Beach area, and the place is always packed to the rafters on Saturdays and Sundays.

Reservation required.

So I called for a reservation around 15:00. The man on the phone said just walk in - no reservation needed.

We arrived around 19:15 - - - - there are around 50 tables - - - We saw patrons at only 4 tables.

We agreed it was the most pleasant dining experience we had ever had. Naturally the service was exceptional.

We notice that traffic has decreased a bit, so that's nice, too.
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Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
Why was that young lady with the flowers on her knees? Is it a cultural thing?
Oh man, those people are always on the knees. Come Christmas time when they have guys dressed up as Santa at the department stores, kids in Japan do not sit on his lap and tell him their Christmas wishes. They kneel before him and confess their sins. Yep, kneeling before Santa!
Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
some financial advice for you. Because of the fake virus news, mortgage rates are at an all-time low so it might be a good time to refinance your house if you own one or buy one if you don't. One of the developers who I have bought from before just emailed me a brochure and would like me to look it over and let them know if I am interested in investing in the new project they are building at 2% off opening offer since I am an old client and another 2% discount after that as an incentive. It will tell them to get back to me if they can go above 4%.

Take a look at this shit:

I mean, this is just a 3D mock-up picture as it has just started construction and won't be done till 2023 but doesn't that look like The Jetsons? Sky park and all! I am all tapped out right now and won't be able to buy anything till I get rid of something else but I'm really itching!
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Mar 2020
Trump and his administration showed their incompetence and stupidity when a crisis finally hit us.
The tan con man said it was a hoax. Then he said he had a hunch it would be gone by April. Then blamed it on the DNC and the Chinese. Then it becomes a pandemic, and now the mouth breather announces a National Emergency. Oh and he stripped the CDC due to the fact the past President stocked it for a pandemic. Most of the steps being taken now should of been done two months ago. The con man said he wasn't infected. Your going to start believing that liar now?
The turd is now trying to cut the payroll tax which will do nothing for all the millions of people that will be out of work. Yeah, he got my vote.