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Jul 2019
some financial advice for you. Because of the fake virus news, mortgage rates are at an all-time low so it might be a good time to refinance your house if you own one or buy one if you don't. One of the developers who I have bought from before just emailed me a brochure and would like me to look it over and let them know if I am interested in investing in the new project they are building at 2% off opening offer since I am an old client and another 2% discount after that as an incentive. It will tell them to get back to me if they can go above 4%.

Take a look at this shit:

I mean, this is just a 3D mock-up picture as it has just started construction and won't be done till 2023 but doesn't that look like The Jetsons? Sky park and all! I am all tapped out right now and won't be able to buy anything till I get rid of something else but I'm really itching!
Vietnam, huh?

looks cool, but I'm all about some property in the country.

not so sure about the economy over there right now, but I'd be wary of investing in any real estate right now
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Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
Vietnam, huh?

looks cool, but I'm all about some property in the country.

not so sure about the economy over there right now, but I'd be wary of investing in any real estate right now
Yes, that project is going up in Vietnam. Thank you for your concern but I have been doing it for years now. I have flipped a lot in Asia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. China used to be the best until the FDIC came in and demanded Chinese banks to reveal statistics of all foreign accounts held by Americans so that we have the privilege to declare to the IRS how much money we have oversees. Vietnam is almost there too. As for now, Vietnam is the best place to turn a profit, they do not have property tax but they do have a one-time land fee. Think of it like investing in Tokyo real estate during the 50s -70s, after the war and before their bubble. However, the government has put a restriction on how many new projects are allowed in the major cities though.

With both China and Vietnam, you have to know what you are doing. You have to know people in the local government and you have to know how to deal with the commies and you also best know the languages. I was actually in Wuhan dining with commies just as the Corona was hitting the news. (Sure, I ate bat, rat, dog, cat and the most delicious of all, donkey.) You also only want to go with foreign developers. Locals developers make nicer looking buildings at a cheaper price but the quality is...well let's say not as detail-oriented.

The main problem for me right is actually the main problem with the corona hoax. Countries can restrict travel and block entry at any time and put up quarantines without notice. You can just imagine how frustrating that is for me if I have to fly from Kyoto (my base of operation now) to any of those other countries and be stuck there in quarantine (14-2X days) and then have to juggle through 2,3 or 4 countries just to be able to get back home and be quarantined again. Thank God nothing yet.

And FYI, which I may have told you before. I used to work as an exec in a major global company and I hated the job. Hated being an employee so much that I basically walked out. Opened a hotdog cart and drove Uber and Lyft at night and on weekends. Not long after I turned the cart into a rental and catering business and not long after that was able to by my first foreclosed house at the auction (cash or cashiers check only). A handyman friend and I fixed up what we could and I flipped it for a good profit. I flipped in California for a while but the taxes and other things were just too much for me. Also the welfare culture.

Thos hotdog cart days were some of my happiest and I am creating them now again. My home residence will be set up as a residential business but not cart style but take out window with limited inside seating. It will be my residence, business and office. Hopefully kids in a year or 2.

Late success beats early success any day.
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Aug 2019
Albuquerque, NM
Why every person? I'm still getting paid, I don't need it. Give it to those that can't work during this, small business that are barely getting by and this will cripple them. Something will need to be done as we are going to have lots of failed businesses, and a lot of people who need paychecks in order to eat.