Cost of AOC's Green New Deal

Sep 2015
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So it is estimated that the Green New Deal will cost around $93 trillion. Think of it, the current debt is only a little over $20 trillion, which is more debt collected in the history of mankind.

So I assume the defenders of the Green New Deal, which seems to be everyone in the DNC who has tried to latch on to AOC's popularity by signing on to this policy, will say either that these numbers are way to high, or that we have no choice and that the consequences would be much worse.

So which is it?

Also, how much debt is too much debt? Is there a limit where the country becomes insolvent and folds up?
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Dec 2018
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How can this "Green New Deal" not include nuclear power investment?

Does anyone here think the US can be fossil fuel free with just wind and solar?

From a scientific viewpoint, that is just plain silly unless we are going to use a whole lot less energy than we do now.
I thought you were all about limited itsy bitsy government.

Since the nation began using nuclear energy, the federal government has provided billions in subsidies to the industry. More than $85 billion has been spent on the nuclear industry since 1948 (see Table 1). With such extensive support, one would hope that the industry would be financially strong enough to support its business costs. But despite the decades of generous support, nuclear power continues to be riddled with cost and risk concerns that keep private financial backers away and the industry relying more and more on federal taxpayers. ...

Nuclear Industry Subsidies | Taxpayers for Common Sense

Banks won't guarantee loans to private power companies, investing in nuclear power, because they think it's too risky, so that must be left up to the Feds (taxpayers).
Mar 2013
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An idea that has merit is huge mirrors in space that are focused on receptors on the ground. They can be positioned to provide a 24 hr sustained power output. They don't necessarily use photo panels but are devices that boil water to power steam generators. The focused beams would have the ability to burn thru cloud cover. An obstacle is described as precipitation. Eliminating batteries with fuel cells is the only practical way to get rid if them anytime soon.

I drove an HFC car, a prototype naturally, 12 years ago. At the time the engineers said they could have it ready for market in just three years. Currently the only HFC car on the market is the Honda Clarity. Only available in certain areas and ugly as home made sin. The engineers explained the only real thing holding HFC back is infrastructure. The cars are developed, the refueling systems and related safety equipment are all fully developed. They said 8 to 9 billions worth of investment would make HFC cars as drivable and convenient as our current liquid fueled cars. One of my greatest disappointments was the Obama stimulus package didn't have a single dollar for HFC infrastructure. It's cool tech and it works. It also solves the issue of range anxiety.
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