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Apr 2013
La La Land North
Canadian online pharmacies were doing a booming business sending meds to the US. Then the US government put some pressure on our government and they changed the law such that only prescriptions issued by doctors licenced in Canada were allowed to be filled.

Those close enough to our border still come up, get prescriptions from a doc here and away they go, but that takes way more planning.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
I visit Los Algodones during our annual trek to Calif for the winter. Who do we find sitting on the border at Yuma Canadians!! There are more Canadian flags there than American in winter?They outnumber Americans there during the winter. Why are they there? Cheap drugs, dental and optics etc
Earlier on this site I detailed the area and services.
Drug prices in the US are inflated two ways IMO. Tort law and impounds required by law boost the price as well as recovering cost of development and advertising. I found that the high priced meds prescribed for me were about 1/3 that of the same meds ordered thru my healhcare provider. Ican buy a full yers supply of most anything for the price of a 90 day supply. I don't need the expensive stuff any more but we still go there to buy other things.
RNGs comment about prescriptions is odd. In Mexico I've never shown a prescription for drugs. They may require it but no one asks. Never asked for opioids tho. Customs asks what you have but never asks to look.
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