Criteria For Removal

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on White House officials Thursday to remove President Trump from office as unfit to handle the job.​
The Massachusetts Democrat and progressive hero, often touted as a 2020 presidential hopeful, said Wednesday’s op-ed in The New York Times by an anonymous White House official justifies forcing out Mr. Trump under the constitutional provisions for an incapacitated president.​
“If senior administration officials think the President of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment,” she told CNN in an interview.​

Elizabeth Warren calls for Trump's removal from office under 25th Amendment: 'It's time'​
By Victor Morton​
September 6, 2018​
If unable to do the job is a criterion, Ginsburg is surely a candidate for removal. Democrats would be demanding a conservative justice’s removal for this lapse of memory:

Ginsburg Forgets 14th Amendment, Audience Has To Give Her Constitution​
By Ryan Saavedra​
October 5, 2018​

It has to be a lot easier to remove an incapacitated Supreme Court judge than it is to remove a president. In short: It is reasonable to insist Supreme Court associate justices know the document they are charged with interpreting.

In addition to the NY times, and the fake Cherokee, the DoJ was exploring ways to invoke the 25th Amendment in order to remove President Trump:

Sept. 21, 2018​
Report: Rod Rosenstein Suggested Wearing a Wire With Trump, Invoking 25th Amendment​
By Adam K. Raymond​

Finally, Brett Kavanaugh will not change the High Court’s head count —— 5 to 4 with Democrat activists on the losing side. (If Americans had the vote the head count would be 9 to zero.)

Irrespective of the reason a liberal justice might create an opening for another Trump pick you ain’t seen nuttin’ until you see the tactics Democrats will dredge up in order to block 6 strict constructionists from moving the country back to its roots. “Maintain the court’s balance” will be the opening salvo.

p.s. Constitutional amendments will always be available to the Democrats. Happily, constitutional amendments will not be as productive as five activist judges making law.
Nov 2012
Like so many such pronouncements, that seems remarkably strong on confident assertion rather than on fact.