Crucifixion. The Turks Invade And The Anihilation Of Rojava

Nov 2012

it has begun. The Egalitarian, Ecological, Participatory Democracy that smashed ISiS to hell with women soldiers is under attack. Soon, unless there is help from unlikely sources, it will be no more.

There are those on the left who support Trump's decision to abandon our allies in the fight against ISiS, and some on the right -- notably Senator Lindsey Graham ("Pray for the Kurds.") and Pat Robertson, of all people (“The President of the United States is in danger of losing the mandate of Heaven if he permits this to happen.”), not to mention many on Fox News, condemn this impulsive decision by Trump, most openly criticizing the President for the first time.

Djene Bajalan and Michael Brooks wrote a very insightful piece yesterday, ominously titled, The Annihilation of Rojava, in Jacobin.
They open with a stark reality for both the left and right: