Curious question for Trump supporters

Dec 2018
I'm curious for the perspective of people who will likely vote for Trump in 2020.

Of the candidates in the democratic primary, who is the candidate that A. You think Trump can beat the easiest, and B. You think is the biggest threat to beat Trump.

While I'm usually looking for as much perspective as possible, I'm really only interested in the perspective of Trump fans here.
Aug 2018
been around
It really depends on which way the Dems swing, there's no telling at this point. I think there's a lot of not Trump sentiment, so even a far-left person could have a chance.

On the other hand, a far-left could scare Dems into voting Trump, or possibly not voting at all. I think Biden is a big threat if he can get past his problems, but who knows?

One thing I learned last election is don't count your chickens, and certainly don't go by any polls.
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
I think, at least hope, the dems will ultimately go with a centrist candidate. Biden most likely. There is a lot of “anybody but Trump” out there and Trump has made no move towards the center.