Daily Stormer Ordered To Cough Up $4.1 Million For Smearing Dean Obeidallah As A Terrorist

Nov 2012
From where I’m sitting, Heather Heyer has finally been avenged. Yes, her killer, James Fields—a regular Daily Stormer poster—will spend the rest of his life in prison. But Anglin’s thugs have bombarded Heather’s family with so many threats that her mom, Susan Bro, was forced to bury her ashes in a secret location. So thanks to these very fine people, Heather’s family hasn’t been able to even mourn her in peace. Thanks to Obeidallah wringing Anglin for seven figures, her family may be one step closer to getting real closure.

Daily Stormer ordered to cough up $4.1 million for smearing Dean Obeidallah as a terrorist

How does it feel to have to hide in a secret location Andrew? I bet you won't show your punk ass face in Virginia.
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