DC has more psychopaths than any other place in country, study finds


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Apr 2013
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I'm putting this in the Political Humor sub-forum because it's funny as hell, but is an actual result from a real study.

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Washington, D.C. has more psychopaths than any other location in the United States, a recent study by the Southern Methodist University found.

The university studied five personality traits they called the "big five" -- extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

"The presence of psychopaths in the District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere," Research Assistant Professor Ryan H. Murphy stated in the study.​
Furthermore, the study found that Virginia ranked as number eleven and Maryland number twelve.

There are more details and links at DC has more psychopaths than any other place in country, study finds
Dec 2016
And yes, bears do shit in the woods! I would assume a high degree of psychopathy among those at high levels of institutional power in Washington, such as DOD and CIA staffers who live in D.C. and the Eastern District of Virginia. But what about Wall Street, where the financial psychopaths live?

Thanks to pop fiction, the term - 'psychopath' is usually tied with 'serial killer.' Psychology professionals estimate that in some prison populations have up to 20% psychopaths. Since psychopaths are described as people with little or no conscience and who seek thrills, lack empathy, don’t care about what others think, are charming and intelligent, and are skilled at lying and manipulation, it's easy to see how less intelligent psychopaths are not as skilled at lying and manipulation as they think they are, and end up when their need for thrills turns them into sexual predators with no boundaries or restraints!

But, those same personality traits are common and highly valued in the realms of extreme capitalism, like the Wall Street trading floor. Psychopaths in the business arena are referred to as "higher functioning," because if they have no sense of empathy or emotional connection with others, they are intelligent enough to notice that these are valued traits among the creatures they live with, and learn how to take advantage of them. A higher functioning psychopath would try to avoid situations that might get the cuffs thrown on him and carted off to jail. That, and money, would make it less likely they will end up in prison.

So, if the research findings and estimates of Psychologist - Robert Hare are accurate, 10% of Wall Street traders (many being patients he has had or treated in the past), that should tell us that the modern business environment is a culture that values and exalts psychopathy over the way the 99% majority act. Is there any question about why modern capitalist society is so fucked up today? Hare also wanted to get the point across that his 10% represent the top end of the psychopathy profile in his estimation, and considering the workplace motivations, others who are somewhat lower down the psychopathy scale will be inclined to act like psychopaths when placed in this microcosm. Lots of luck to normies who enter this shark-infested fish tank!

STUDY: 10% on Wall Street are Psychopaths

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I've often said we'd be better off if we picked our leaders by random lottery instead of career politicians. The whole thing gives us the worst of the worst, both parties.