Dead Beat? Why the Trump campaign won't pay police bills.

Jun 2018
La Pine, Oregon
If a father who does not pay his child support is a "dead beat", as right wingers like to claim, then what is trump?

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Dec 2015
How anyone can look at this and still defend Trump is amazing to me.
AND obviously, it's not just Trump. It's his entire staff, who seem to follow Trump's lead in the accounts-payable department.
But I'm going to put some blame on the cities and law enforcement. It is hard for me to fathom any organization (public or private) who doesn't "contract" services with written/signed agreements. That is just plain dumb and asking for trouble.
Here's a bit of unsolicited advice as we enter the campaign season: 1) Say NO to Trump rallies in your city OR 2) Get a signed agreement from the Trump staff, detailing the cost of the visit and rally. Then enforce it.
AND a *NOTE* to law enforcement. Stop endorsing a man who consistently BREAKS the law.