Death of Europe.

Sep 2015
Immigration is a good thing. With climate change will come mass migration.
How is immigration a good thing whatsoever. Please... Tell me how millions of people going to Europe that
1: Don't speak the language
2: Are uneducated
3: Make no attempt to integrate
4: Are radically muslim and most of whom hate Western Culture
5: Are coming solely to use European countries welfare
is a good thing whatsoever.
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Sep 2015
Odd how little attention this thread is getting. I have friends in Europe and these "scare stories" are evidently true. And they aren't hard to understand.

Take young men who've been brought up in an extremely repressive society and put 'em in licentious Europe, and....
Probably because the situation doesn't directly affect America or Americans yet so they don't care. They should, but they don't
Jan 2015
"Hate speech"....:ph34r:
The whole world is laughing at Europeans. They colonized and enslaved the entire world, now they themselves are being colonized by the very people they colonized. They are also now the lapdogs of America, and are faced with destruction both at the hands of the Muslims and the Russians in the East.
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