Democrats Cannot Live With A Military Victory

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
In a sane world any one of the following should be enough to chase Democrats out of office:

1. The Fake Cherokee

2. The way Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh.

3. Insane Socialist policies.

4. Violence in the streets.

5. The interminable Mueller investigation.

6. Hillary Clinton.

7. Senate Majority Leader Upchuck Schumer.

8. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi —— AGAIN.

All of the above pale beside the Democrat Party’s determination to see this country defeated militarily. Should Democrats somehow manage to take the House, or the Senate, there is not a chance they will prepare for war against Russia, China, or Islam with a nuclear bomb let alone fight one.

Air Force experts and researchers now argue that, when it comes to the prospect of major power warfare, the service will need higher-tech, more flexible and more powerful bombs to destroy well fortified Russian and Chinese facilities.​
“There is now a shift in emphasis away from minimizing to maximizing effects in a high-end fight - requirements from our missions directorate say we continue to have to deal with the whole spectrum of threats as we shift to more of a near-peer threat focus. We are looking at larger munitions - with bigger effects,” Dr. John S. Wilcox, Director of Munitions for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), said recently at the Air Force Association Annual Conference.​
While the Air Force is now moving quickly to engineer new bombs across a wide range of “adjustable” blast effects to include smaller, more targeted explosions, exploring 2,000-pound bomb options engineered for larger attack impacts are a key part of the equation.​
The principle concept informing the argument, according to Air Force weapons experts, is that variable yield munitions, and certain high-yield bombs in particular, are greatly needed to address a fast-changing global threat calculus.​
While Wilcox did not specify a particular country presenting advanced threats, as is often the case with Air Force weapons developers, several senior former service officers cited particular Russian and Chinese concerns in a recent study from The Mitchell Institute.​
“The Russians and Chinese, in particular, have observed American warfighting strategies over the last several decades and have sought to make their valued military facilities especially difficult to destroy. US commanders involved in future scenarios with these two potential adversaries may find themselves requiring exceedingly powerful munitions to eliminate these types of targets,” the study, called “The Munitions Effects Revolution,” writes.​

Air Force Will Need New Bombs to Wage War Against Russia or China. Here's What We Know.​
October 18, 2018​
by Kris Osborn​
Nothing has changed Democrats since Vietnam:

“From defeat would spring the revolution, and the revolution would be victory for us.”​
Defeat in Vietnam gave American Communists the revolution they are fighting today:​
Their Revolution Began On April 30, 1975

Any mature American who thinks Democrats will take part in gearing up this country for a major war is either brain dead or naive. If Democrats only break even in the midterms they will have enough control over the legislative process to stop funding the technology the U.S. military needs.

Bottom line: Democrats can live without impeaching Trump or Judge Kavanaugh, but they will not live with a military victory over China or Russia.

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