Democrats label Republicans 'racist/bigoted/sexist' as political divide intensifies

Apr 2014
No surprise that the majority of Democrats constantly label Republicans as "racists", but it's a bit surprising to me that the majority of Republicans see Democrats as "spiteful". I'd have thought they saw them as overly emotional weenies. :)

Democrats label Republicans racist, bigoted, sexist in Axios poll
A stunning 61 percent of Democrats labeled Republicans as “racist/bigoted/sexist” when asked which words they would use to describe the other party, while 31 percent of Republicans said the same thing about Democrats, according to a poll released this week.

Not that Republicans were particularly fond of the left. They preferred to dub Democrats “spiteful” (54 percent) and “ignorant” (49 percent), while 54 percent of Democrats said Republicans were ignorant and 44 percent called them spiteful.
Dec 2018
Couple observations:
1. That’s stupid for democrats to respond. This is also a sign of the polarization of our country where we place individuals into groups

2. The question that was posed in this research is a bit ambiguous. “What words would you use to describe the other party today?” When they say “party” are they referring to politicians or voters? It’s unclear in the question which means the answers will also be unclear?

3. It’s also not clear if this was an open ended question or if respondents were given a list or options. Either way, “racist” “sexist” and “bigoted” are consolidated into one response. If respondent were given a list of options this is a very poor option since they’re very different. If it was an open ended question and they consolidated these responses together that’s even worse because it gives a false sense of what the responses actually were.
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Feb 2019
here and there
I always thought of Democrats to be racists.

They are always discussing race, much more than Hitler ever did, and they seem to always be putting down white colored people.

Conversely, the GOP just sits there and takes jab after jab, but this has been going on for decades now. In fact, every GOP candidate for President has been labeled a racist to the point where I think most just tune it out now.
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Feb 2019
here and there
If democrats are really not the racist I think they are, then admit one thing, FDR was a proven racist by his policies towards innocent Japanese Americans.

Nothing Trump has done comes close.

Now I now you are incapable of admitting as much, trouble is, you can't come up with any policy of his that comes close to being as racist.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
That response doesn't surprise me at all. Dems are in an increasingly negative real world environment and are withdrawing into their echo chambers for comfort. Just watching the way they act here is proof of this. One will post a "bad Trump" thread and the others will chime in with usually short single sentence short supporting posts. Then within a few hours of that one waning another will pop up and keep the cadre busiy bashing Trump and providing mutual support. That Dems would describw Reps as they have is the result of these little hate fests. You don't have to join a forum to participate, all you need do is watch CNN ot MSNBC, and if you can read buy the NYT.
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Jul 2014
Polarization works, without it, the GOP would be out of power, so they aren't giving it up.
And if the GOP is going to polarize, the Democrats have to respond in kind, or end up out of power.
The GOP runs that classic right wing campaign, that Mussolini ran that the Nazis ran, they have their scapegoat (immigrants) that they blame everything on, they are all ideology and no facts, and that works for them, you can't blame them for trying to win.
And so the Democrats have to respond , and the best response is real populism, we lost the last election to fake populism, I have think the real thing would do quite well against the fake thing.
Sep 2018
Clicker II said:
You don't have to join a forum to participate, all you need do is watch CNN ot MSNBC, and if you can read buy the NYT.
I Can't Remember The Channel For MSNBC
But It May Be As Funny Tonite
As Watching Their Presidential Election Coverage

NYT Has Been Setting The Tone Of Left-News For Decades