Democrats label Republicans 'racist/bigoted/sexist' as political divide intensifies

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
You lie so much it's funny...
I said, quite clearly: "I recommend people watch how often Sabcat calls people "fascist" (and similar crap) on this forum."
Now, you are obviously trying to insert words into my mouth after you admit you do exactly what I actually stated.

You do exactly what I stated you do. You admit you do exactly what I stated you do.
And you call me a liar for it...

Either you suffer from severe reading comprehension failure or you are lying your arse off.
Either way, I don't care.

Quite frankly, that's a bit like a person with blood on their hands trying to accuse others of murder...
As Trump delivers racially charged insults, most Republicans stay silent
Southern strategy - Wikipedia

But regardless, the GOP does it. Either your blindness is self-imposed or you are lying. Again, it doesn't matter because it's a falsehood either way...
Now Republicans want to talk about racism?

More backpedaling from the liar.

Gotta love it.
May 2019
No surprise that the majority of Democrats constantly label Republicans as "racists", but it's a bit surprising to me that the majority of Republicans see Democrats as "spiteful". I'd have thought they saw them as overly emotional weenies. :)

Democrats label Republicans racist, bigoted, sexist in Axios poll
A stunning 61 percent of Democrats labeled Republicans as “racist/bigoted/sexist” when asked which words they would use to describe the other party, while 31 percent of Republicans said the same thing about Democrats, according to a poll released this week.

Not that Republicans were particularly fond of the left. They preferred to dub Democrats “spiteful” (54 percent) and “ignorant” (49 percent), while 54 percent of Democrats said Republicans were ignorant and 44 percent called them spiteful.
No biggie. I labeled them with all of those labels long ago. If you need a Jew hating, self loathing, jealous, control freak, the left has everything you could ever need...