Democrats On Oversight Committee Call For Investigation On Trump Conflicts

Jul 2019
it might not have been the wisest move during a campaign to make the "deplorables" comment, but that was one thing she was 100% right about.

I mean, nailed it.

(that and "Putin's Puppet")

she tried to warn us!
Dec 2012
You people are a complete joke. Hillary testified for hours. TEH entire Bengazi thing was a disgrace, completely made up scandal because republicans are dirty scum that couldn't pin any real scandal on Obama admininstration that was squeaky clean. And then you ignore Trump and his cronies ignoring subpeonas, blocking release of his tax records, refusing to show up and testify, not answering any questions.

Why do you people bother posting such dumb, clearly not factual nonsense all the time?

Notice how the right have absolutly no defense, all they can do is the childish "you lost' and try to deflect to Cummings.

This adminstration is so dirty. just another example is Pence staying over 100 miles away from where he visited in Ireland to stay at a trump hotel, creating logistical nightmare and high costs, all so Trumps company can take the taxpayer money.

YOu have no defense for this, because it is indefensible.Meanwhile, the pathetic right threw a fit becaus Obama wore a tan suit and put mustard on his burger. What a joke the right wing TAliban is

Oh look, another, standard right wing insult, then deflect. My god, you people are pathetic

And another HIllary deflection LOL

Another personal attack void of any argument.

Basket of deplorables indeed. Thanks for proving us liberals right all the time
What did we learn from the Benghazi hearings? Did we learn that Hillary had an unsecure email server that was in all respects, illegal? Did we learn that under her tenure the State Department had a severe misreading of the security situation in Libya? Did we learn, Sidney Blumenthal provided unvetted intelligence to Clinton about Libya even as he attempted to cultivate business opportunities in the war-torn country.
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Dec 2012
The full IG report is do out soon. I suspect it won't be nice. Have you noticed how quiet those implicated have been? We may yet see that corrupt woman, and a host of others in orange.

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