Dems Latest Buzz: "Ha Ha! The Republicans are Socialists Now Too!" No Kidding.

Feb 2020
Libertarians have been saying that for decades.

The last president we had to even try to slow the growth of socialism was Reagan.

In the last year of his presidency, his VP was nominated to be the next president. In his acceptance speech, Bush 41 said, "I want a kinder, gentler nation."

Game over.

Everyone knew what he meant. No more opposition to the growing socialism in the U.S.

From then on the debate was between only two opinions:

1) "compassionate conservatives" who had "come to understand" that welfare is a vital part of being a humane country, and that includes helping other countries in poverty.

2) "New Democrats" who had come to understand that government assistance to families can be overused, and spending cannot be unlimited.

Basically a race to the center.

The ideological difference between a Compassionate Conservative and a New Democrat? None. The only difference was the (D) or (R) after their names.

No more talk about how incredibly destructive social welfare is to families. From now on, we only debate the best ways to provide social welfare.

No more talk about how the government should stop meddling in the economy. From now on, we look for consensus in how the government can best meddle in the economy.

Hell yes, Trump is a socialist. Why wouldn't he be? He would never have become a billionaire without corporate welfare making it easy for him.

Then of course, the Gulf War. The first Gulf War under that same Bush the Elder. So for nearly thirty years, we have been losing lives and treasure trying to force democracy on people who hate the idea of having us force anything on them so bad they'd rather strap bombs on their own kids.

bipartisan support for us doing that. One candidate this year wants to end the endless wars like Trump promised to and look what the DNC did to her.

Wake up people!

The GOP is tagged as these free market capitalists because there are maybe a half dozen congressmen who still talk about it. Maybe there's a senator who hasn't gone full-on socialist but none comes to mind.