Denies the word will end in 12 yrs?

Jul 2015
Didn't Al Gore say the seas were supposed to rise 12 feet many many years ago? If the elites from Hollywood thaught the oceans were supposed to rise like that, why did they buy mansions in Miami? Why are the likes of Rosie O'donnell not selling their mansions on the ocean in Miami today? Why? Because they know its bullshit. Nothing has changed at their multi million dollar mansions at all.
Nov 2012
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I understand what she said. She said if we don't do some serious work on climate change in the next 12 years, the world as we know it will end.
Is that so hard to understand?

Yawn we were told this by Gore 35 years ago, Still here.

This is the coolest warming period in 500,000 years.. you have to go back in history 500,000 years to find a cooler warming period.
Feb 2007

For example, did you know that all planets in the solar system are warming? What does that tell you? That tells me that the sun has something to do with it.



Over the last 35 years the sun has shown a cooling trend. However global temperatures continue to increase. If the sun's energy is decreasing while the Earth is warming, then the sun can't be the main control of the temperature.

Figure 1 shows the trend in global temperature compared to changes in the amount of solar energy that hits the Earth. The sun's energy fluctuates on a cycle that's about 11 years long. The energy changes by about 0.1% on each cycle. If the Earth's temperature was controlled mainly by the sun, then it should have cooled between 2000 and 2008.

Figure 1: Annual global temperature change (thin light red) with 11 year moving average of temperature (thick dark red). Temperature from NASA GISS. Annual Total Solar Irradiance (thin light blue) with 11 year moving average of TSI (thick dark blue). TSI from 1880 to 1978 from Krivova et al 2007. TSI from 1979 to 2015 from the World Radiation Center (see their PMOD index page for data updates). Plots of the most recent solar irradiance can be found at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics LISIRD site.

The solar fluctuations since 1870 have contributed a maximum of 0.1 °C to temperature changes. In recent times the biggest solar fluctuation happened around 1960. But the fastest global warming started in 1980.


But if the sun’s output has levelled off or even diminished, then what is causing other planets to warm up? Are they warming at all?

The planets and moons that are claimed to be warming total roughly eight out of dozens of large bodies in the solar system. Some, like Uranus, may be cooling. All the outer planets have vastly longer orbital periods than Earth, so any climate change on them may be seasonal. Saturn and its moons take 30 Earth years to orbit the Sun, so three decades of observations equates to only 1 Saturnian year. Uranus has an 84-year orbit and 98° axial tilt, so its seasons are extreme. Neptune has not yet completed a single orbit since its discovery in 1846.

This is a round-up of the planets said by sceptics to be experiencing climate change:

  • Mars: the notion that Mars is warming came from an unfortunate conflation of weather and climate. Based on two pictures taken 22 years apart, assumptions were made that have not proved to be reliable. There is currently no evidence to support claims that Mars is warming at all. More on Mars...
  • Jupiter: the notion that Jupiter is warming is actually based on predictions, since no warming has actually been observed. Climate models predict temperature increases along the equator and cooling at the poles. It is believed these changes will be catalysed by storms that merge into one super-storm, inhibiting the planet’s ability to mix heat. Sceptical arguments have ignored the fact this is not a phenomenon we have observed, and that the modelled forcing is storm and dust movements, not changes in solar radiation.
  • Neptune: observations of changes in luminosity on the surface of both Neptune and its largest moon, Triton, have been taken to indicate warming caused by increased solar activity. In fact, the brightening is due to the planet’s seasons changing, but very slowly. Summer is coming to Neptune’s southern hemisphere, bringing more sunlight, as it does every 164 years.
  • Pluto: the warming exhibited by Pluto is not really understood. Pluto’s seasons are the least understood of all: its existence has only been known for a third of its 248-year orbit, and it has never been visited by a space probe. The ‘evidence’ for climate change consists of just two observations made in 1988 and 2002. That’s equivalent to observing the Earth’s weather for just three weeks out of the year. Various theories suggest its highly elliptical orbit may play a part, as could the large angle of its rotational axis. One recent paper suggests the length of Pluto’s orbit is a key factor, as with Neptune. Sunlight at Pluto is 900 times weaker than it is at the Earth.

Claims that solar system bodies are heating up due to increased solar activity are clearly wrong. The sun’s output has declined in recent decades. Only Pluto and Neptune are exhibiting increased brightness. Heating attributed to other solar bodies remains unproven.

(Although I would add that the discussions above concerning Mars & Pluto might need to be updated somewhat.)
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Nov 2012
Well to get that degree all she had to do was write, "Capitalism bad", and it did not even have to be a complete sentence.
Capitalism is, actually, shit, and lots of people are working at two jobs. The world is not going to end - just ordinary people, while the rich cower in prepared caves underground.
Jun 2018
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Now, now...

We all know that a politician's words must all be taken quite literally, and never, ever figuratively.

You know, like when Trump said he grabs unexpected women's pussies, that Mexico is going to pay for his Great Wall, that he knows more about ISIS than the generals do, and that he alone can fix things. Among other statements by Trump.

As pols eerywhere are so quick to say, "I'm happy that you brought that up".
Trump has been doing exactly what you are trying to tell us that OAC does with many of her hilarious answers. When a conservative responds to a claim of Trump lied in the same way the libs here are trying to cover for AOC it usually results in a chorus of "That's a lie!".
What this tell us is that the constant drumbeat of "Trump lied" is really a sham and their own are doing it as well. If AOC is actually smarter than a centipede then her attention seeking device of mimicing her competition will stop soon. If not, well...................

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