Designing Cities for People, Not Cars...


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May 2005
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Designing Cities for People, Rather than Cars… » Celsias

As I was being driven through Tel Aviv from my hotel to a conference center a few years ago, I could not help but note the overwhelming presence of cars and parking lots. Tel Aviv, expanding from a small settlement a half-century ago to a city of some 3 million today, evolved during the automobile era. It occurred to me that the ratio of parks to parking lots may be the best single indicator of the livability of a city–whether a city is designed for people or for cars.


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Apr 2007
That is what made Tokyo so well made and densly populated. That the city is designed around pedestrian traffic and public transportation(but thats subway and railcars so that is limited space anyways) and not cars. So that leaves more room for bussiness expansion which means more jobs and thus equaling less travel distance and time to work so people can just walk there.