Devin Nunes’ Lawsuit Against Twitter Could Turn Into The Company’s Worst Nightmare

Apr 2019

Oh oh, Twitter will be exposed. To some the bias is common knowledge, but many deny it. The double standard will be shown for what it is.
The lawsuits, which are separate yet intertwined, allege defamation against Nunes by the owners of two anonymous Twitter accounts and Liz Mair, a political consultant whose company is based in Virginia. The suit against Twitter alleges negligence by the social media company in knowingly allowing and supporting the defamation to continue on its platform.

“During Nunes re-election campaign in 2018, Mair conspired (and presumably was paid by) one or more as-yet unknown ‘clients’ to attack and smear Nunes,” the complaint against Mair alleges. “True to her word on LinkedIn, Mair relentlessly smeared and defamed Nunes during the campaign, filming stunts at Nunes’ office in Washington, D.C. and posting them online, publishing videos on YouTube that falsely accused Nunes of multiple crimes, repeatedly publishing false and defamatory statements on Twitter, defaming Nunes online and to the press, and filing fraudulent complaints against Nunes accusing him, inter alia, of violating House Ethics Rules[.]”

“What do I do for these clients?” Mair once publicly wrote on her LinkedIn page. “Anonymously smear their opposition on the Internet.”
She sounds like an arrogant entitled wannabe. What an ugly face liberals present.
Jul 2019
lol, Nunes is entertaining, I'll give him that

y'all remember the "Nunes memo" that was supposed to be earth-shattering, but turned out to be a dud?