Does anyone remember the Berlin wall?

Jun 2018
if it worked why was communism destroyed? the wall was to keep the west out.. the wall failed.. communism did fail it did.. it was despicable the wall did not save it.. and neither will our wall save our corrupt immoral system
The wall was to keep the people in the prison. It worked. There were barely any successful attempts to cross it. Certainly not in the thousands and absolutely not in the millions. All prison walls do work actually.

Communism failed because it is a flawed paradigm. The potsdam treaty was about to expire and the soviets were about to collapse, people were about to rise etc etc. several factors, none related to the wall itself.
Nov 2012
Capitalism, to work 'efficiently' requires the free movement of capital and of cheap labour. East German State Capitalism was paying large sums for the training of skilled workers, but, when trained, they could make more under West German monopoly capitalism. In a similar way, American capitalism looks for cheap workers, but importing them gets in the way of the political propaganda it needs to come out with to avoid awkward questions about the lack of wage-improvement. While the system continues, we will waste most of our political lives on similar footles. Brexit, anyone?