Dont Let Optimum Online Bs You

Mar 2010
north east usa
dont be intimaded by optimum online and dont listen to there crap when they cut your access because they think you are using to much band width or throtteling.. there is no lomet mentioned in the agreement when you signe up.. what there xonxerned about is band width and cable theft. it is not theft if you are paying for your access and use. anything added after the fact of the agreement and terms after you signe up is not part of your access agreement. and by telling you your use is limited to not go beyond your usage limit is bull s--t.. if you dont belive me check on the optimum online agreement before 2005 before they changed it. and thats another thing.. they dont have any legal right whatsoever under the sun to chenge the terms and agreements after the fact. you can take optimum to court. and what is optimum going to tell the court they cant tell them what there doing. if they cap you tell the better busines. if they charge you extra a month for using more band width and usage thats theft and you can have somone in optimum arested.