Dr. Ron Paul

Feb 2020
dfw, texas

Your meme is distasteful but the image not nearly as repulsive as the face on your avatar.
his meme is truthful, i guess that is why you hate it. i would like to grab rand paul by the ankles and smash ron paul over the head with his punk ass. both of them are stupid shit clowns who bitch about the government, and then proceeded to suck off the government teat in congress for large portions of their life, they receive benefits and perks from the government for sucking off the governmen teat to this day....
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Feb 2020
dfw, texas
Ron Paul attacks Dr. Fauci in this video. Paul is the Bernie Sanders of the right. Just an unrealistic ideologue.
pretty much. and rand. fairly consistent in their views, but intractable and unable to compromise or even listen to any way but their way.
Nov 2018
Rocky Mountains
Media posted without comment.
More egregious is it is filled with falsehood.
As of today,approx 900 deaths and more than 60,000 confirmed cases.
TB is a treatable disease. SARS-2 is not similarly treatable
TB is a rare disease in developed countries; SARS-2 knows no borders.
All civil rights were not eliminated by the Patriot Act (which will sunset) promoted by Paul's Republican cronies.
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